May 29 2005

All alone…again

NOTE: This was ported over from Audrey’s old blog which has now been deactivated

Well, they ‘beans’ left and took that dog with them again. They were gone for a long time. They just came back, and that dog was still with them.

I keep telling them that they could just leave her wherever it is that they’re going to all the time. Any ol’ place will do. I’m still waiting for this to be MY house again.

I mean, after the first week, having that dog around here was just getting ridiculous but now, it’s been three years! Come on!

I mean, don’t I get a vote? I’ve been around for over 13 now. I’m an ol’ lady (but still quite striking – I’ll have pictures up soon to prove it) and should get my way all the time.

Oh well. Maybe next time when they come back, that dog won’t come with them. The other day I almost got lucky. Mom came in all scared and crying, saying she couldn’t find that dog. Too bad, it came back just a few minutes later. *pout*

On a more upbeat note, if you like kitty blogs, you should check these out:
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Comments from old blog:

Blogger Timmy said…
Hoorah! Missy Hissy has her own blog! Welcome to the gang! I can’t wait to see some pictures of you 🙂

8:52 PM


Blogger Max said…
Dogs tend to stick around. We had one for my whole life, up until he was gone, which is now a total of half my life. But I kind of miss him, because they blamed all the bad stinkies on him.

5:08 PM


Blogger Audrey (aka Hissy Kitty) said…
Max, you are right about the bad stinkies. The beans (as Timmy calls them) always blame the dog first. Hee hee!

-Hisss (Audrey)

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