Jan 07 2006

Genius Kitties…but aren’t we all?

Yes, it is I, Audrey the Hissy Kitty. We will now presume or regularly scheduled blogging. The holidays has made mom sluggish and unwilling to help us post our thoughts. I’d do it myself, but I don’t have thumbs.

Mr. David Letterman finally started talking about important things recently. And what’s the most important thing on this planet? That’s right…CATS!

So, here’s the Top Ten Signs That Your Kitty is a Genius
10. Meows in six languages

9. He’s the only one in your family who could assemble your Ikea coffee table

8. His whiskers are Bluetooth enabled

7. He only purrs when “Meet the Press” is on

6. Won 28 grand on “Jeopardy’s Kitty Week”

5. He rigged it so he’s got 10 lives

4. Earned the 2005 Nobel Prize in yarn-related sciences

3. Keeps putting the dog on Ebay

2. Not only calls 911 for you, also calls Z-100 whenever you need your Aerosmith fix

1. Winces everytime he hears George W. Bush say, “Nuke-yoo-lar”

P.S. To Timothy Dickens – I’ve been wanting to comment on your posts but your winter template has been locking up Mom’s old piece of cr…um, old computer so we can only read it through RSS feeds. I just wanted you to know that I still love reading your blog! And boy, you certainly looked ‘happy’ after getting that catnip.


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  1. Beau

    hahahahahaha! That is SO funny…but true!

  2. Timmy

    Momma laughed about the z-100 thing…do you get z-100 up by you? It am a BIG radio station here in the tri-state area…

    Audrey thanks for letting me know about my blog. Is there something I can do to fix it so you can see it?

    When you can, you and China need to poke a pin in my globe 😉

  3. IndyPindy

    Hi Audrey (and China),

    Did you know I was on David Letterman 3 years ago? I said “Hello” for stupid pet tricks. You can hear me say “hello” on my blog!

    I’m glad you’ll be posting more, I missed reading your blog!

  4. Cal the Wonderdog

    Audrey, now that you are a permanent guest star on the China Cabinet I hope you don’t change the name of it to something cat-like. Like the Aud-couple. But my human had an idea that you could have your own place and call it “Aud-dog out”, or “Aud you should say that”

    Hey China are you staying warm with winter, cause I’m starting to love this cold stuff!


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