Aug 06 2005

From now on, all days must be like today…

NOTE: This was ported from Audrey’s old blog which has been taken down

Today was the most perfect day! The sun was shining, there was a nice breeze and it was so cool outside! I slept in my favorite spot all day long, enjoying the sun and fresh air.

Yes, as Queen of the Universe, I deem that all future days must be like today.

Comments from old blog:

Blogger Larry said…
Ohhhh, that sounds wonderul! My beans say they like Maine a lot, and dad really likes the cooler weather there. My bean mom’s mom lives there, in Springfield….

8:02 PM


Blogger Timmy said…
That sun spot looks lovely! I can’t sleep in the sun a’cause I’d burn up. My black fur seems to soak up all the sun and make me get really hot.

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