Feb 15 2011

Happy…wait, I’m late, aren’t I?

Hi! People tell me a new year has started but I don’t care. This is when I’m my least happiest. I mean, look at this:

Hip Deep

And it’s about twice as deep as that now and frozen over. The only place I really have to run is in the driveway and even that’s like a frozen pond. It’s just no fun. Even when it’s sunny I don’t like being outside right now.

So I’m spending my time inside on the couch, dreaming of Spring when Mom starts digging around int he dirt and cursing at that grass she calls weeds. I can’t wait to just lay around in the sun, soaking up the rays and sniffing the fresh air.


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  1. Harley Harrington

    I have had the same experience here in New Brunswick Canada. The weather makes both me and my two dogs,just want to lay by the fire and wait for spring. Thank goodness its all most here.

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