Dec 08 2012

A new brother?

The humans have been making rumblings lately. Normally, me and Ziggy just ignore them. What could humans possibly have to say that would interest us? As long as they feed us and pet us when we demand it we’re happy enough to let them live our lives.

But I’ve been hearing the word ‘dog’ in those rumblings. That’s nothing new but these ‘dog’ mentions aren’t sad.

I finally decided to actually listen and it sounds like a new dog will be coming here soon. I can’t decide if this is good or bad. The last dog was nice to me and wouldn’t even chase me when I swiped her butt, but who knows about this new one? But then again, maybe it’ll chase Ziggy around and give me some time off. Keeping up with a cat half my age is exhausting!

This dog’s current name is ‘Wags’ but I think they may change it. He looks nice enough and the rescue people told the Lady that he just ignores cats when he sees them. What do you think? Does he look trustworthy to you?

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