Jul 26 2006

The Adventures of a Hissy Kitty

Hello, my lovelies! Oh, and you dogs too. :p

It’s time for Adventures with Audrey! A couple of weeks ago the ‘beans put me on a leash and let me run around the back yard for about an hour or so. It was the longest I’ve been outside in 7 years!

I used to be an outdoor Kitty, but I hated it and Mom knew it wasn’t healthy for me, so I became an indoor-exclusive.

But, it was nice to get outside and explore a little. That dog was a little jealous. She thinks outside is ‘hers.’ Hah! That’ll teach her. Everything is mine and it is only through my graciousness that she’s allowed to enjoy those things.

Here’s a picture of me surveying all of my outside. Isn’t it pretty? Smelled good, too.

This looks like a good sunning spot. I’ll have to come back here in the Fall when it’s not too cold, but a nice sunbeam would feel good on the ol’ whiskers.

And here’s a nice picture of That Dog. This is just where I like her. Far away.

These are the house the birds come to live in every year. Last year they used to dive-bomb That Dog’s head. This year they left her alone. Slackers.

And here’s me back inside, where I usually prefer to be. As you can see, I am Queen of the Recliner as well as Queen of all I can see.

Until next time, purrs to all my Cat Fans and a nice loud Pft! to you pooches.

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  1. Timmy

    Audrey how lovely you look in your purple leash! China looked like she was havin’ a good time rompin’ through the tall grass too 🙂 Going outside is such a treat isn’t it? 🙂
    Unfortunately, it’s been wicked hot down here and Momma doesn’t want me to get overheated in it. So I sit at the window and dream of cooler weather so I can enjoy the deck and the good fresh air fluttering through mine whiskers…

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