Aug 20 2006

My New Hero, and Valuable Lessons for Our Humans

Mom has this card that she likes to look at from time to time and she thought I should share it with all my pooch friends so they could tell their ‘beans,’ as Timmy calls them.

8 Valuable Lessons I Learned From My Dog:
1: Have boundless energy and enthusiasm
2: Be Non-Judgmental
3: Live life for the present
4: Loyalty is important
5: Be trusting
6: Interdependence brings power; We work best as a pack (or Team)
7: Bury bones for a rainy day
8: Only the lead dog gets a change of scenery

And now, my new hero. Mom says he’s not real, but he looks real to me! Look how dashing he is! And brave! I wouldn’t slide down a rope using my teeth, would you? You think he’ll be my boyfriend?


  1. Timmy

    I think he’s a fine lookin’ pooch for you to swoon over China! But just for the record, I could slide down a rope using my teethies too ya know. I’d like that periscope…I could get a real close look at those goldfinches!! 🙂

  2. China

    I’d use the periscope to ‘scope’ out some field moles. Of course, Mom always tells me to drop them when I catch them, but I’m just sayin.’

  3. Timmy

    Field Moles sound divine. I’ve never seen one in mine whole life…but I’ve seen little rats n stuff at the petstore. But they’re not the same thing.

    Did you get my email about me needing your email address? I wanted to send you something and I just need you to email me so I can attach it. timothy@timothydickens.com

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