About China

TIME WE SPENT WITH HER: December 7,2002 – November 13, 2011

BREED: Mutt; possibly a Boxer/Sharpei/AmStaff mix.

SEX: Female; spayed

FUR: Red with white on her neck, chest and one back toe

EYES: Brown and Buggy

ADOPTION DATE: December 7, 2002

AGE: China was around 11 or 12 when she passed away in November of 2011.

FAVORITE TOY: It changed over time. When we first go her she loved stuffies and squeakers. When playing outside she loved to chase balls – but she never brought them back. Later in life she preferred chasing and chewing on sticks and would only play with stuffies when particularly excited.

ENGLISH SHE LEARNED: Treat; Park; Walk; Wanna Go?; Sit; Down; No; Go Lay Down; This Way; Other Side; Out

ABOUT CHINA: She was always a pretty easy-going dog although just a bit neurotic. She quickly adjusted to new situations. When we first adopted her she had a terrible phobia of popping noises and would even slink away from us if we just popped gum. She eventually got over this and after some time she would just look annoyed as opposed to scared.

She was never an aggressive dog and loved most everyone she met. The only time she was ever aggressive was if another dog was aggressive toward us.

She was never the alpha dog which was humorous when she came across another beta dog. It was almost as if they were saying ‘you be the beta dog, no YOU be the beta dog’ to each other.

China seemed to like cats. She was always very deferential to Audrey although she would often slurp her in the face if Audrey was nearby. Audrey would always hiss but it never deterred China from trying to make friends. When Zoe moved in, Zoe was always a bit too aggressive for China. Perhaps by that time China had decided she didn’t really like feline company and kept her distance.

When we lived in Florida China seemed to be fascinated by ducks and geese, She always tried to get close enough to sniff but we never let her.

One thing that never changed about her was her preference of carpet to tile. At the shelter we adopted her from she had to sit on concrete all day. When we adopted her it was as if she conciously decided never to do that again unless absolutely necessary. She would even back up to sit on carpet when told to ‘sit’ rather than sit where she was if it happened to be non-carpeted.

China’s favorite people were us (we hope) and her paternal family, especially her Aunt Wendy. Everyone who knew China loved her and many tears were shed when she passed away.

In October of 2012 she contracted a very bad case of Lyme disease that we had a hard time shaking – she was never actually clear of it again. This lead to acute renal failure and an enlarged heart which made her lethargic, nauseated and pretty miserable. When it became clear to us that China no longer wanted to fight we let her go at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday November 13, 2012.