About Zoe

BREED: Domestic short-hair

SEX: Female; spayed

FUR: Chocolate brown with stripes of white

EYES: Green

ADOPTION DATE: August 18, 2007

AGE: Probably around 1 when I was adopted.

FAVORITE TOY: My mouse on a stick. Really, anything that dangles is a favorite of mine.


Howdy! I’m Zoe. I am also known as Zoe Monster and Demon Cat from Hell. My name used to be Snickers, but really, I’m not all that fond of nuts.

I take all my nicknames as compliments.

I was adopted by the lady and the man in August of 2007. When they met me I was sweet and friendly…boy, did I have them fooled! I mean, I can BE sweet and friendly, but only when I feel like it. If I don’t, watch out or I’ll put the bite on you. If you’re a dog, I’ll lie in wait until I can ambush you. I’m real good at that.

But really, I’m way glad to be out of the shelter. I was treated good but it’s so much nicer to have a whole house to lord over instead of a small, duplex cage. I have a huge bed that’s mine, except when the humans use it. I get lots of food and the lady pets me anytime I want.