About Audrey

TIME WE SPENT WITH HER: April 21, 1994 – June 28, 2007

BREED: Domestic Short Hair; Tabby

SEX: Female, spayed

FUR: Tabby – Gray with black stripes

EYES: Green

ADOPTION DATE: Audrey was brought to my doorstep by several local neighbor girls who had found her in a ditch. This was on April 21, 1994. She wasn’t a kitten but she wasn’t full grown either.

AGE: Audrey was around 14 or 15 when she passed away in June of 2007

FAVORITE TOY: Small toy mice – although she preferred the real thing. She also liked to play with tinkle balls.

ABOUT AUDREY: Audrey was very much a lap-cat. If she was in the room she wanted to be on whoever would have her. She was extremely friendly to humans but did not like other animals. Even though she never attacked her, she never really reconciled with China’s presence in the household. She would hiss and sometimes paw at poor China who was always trying to make friends with her.

Audrey developed breast cancer in late 2006. She had surgery to removed the tumors in early 2007 but it had metastasized and returned in late Spring of 2007. On June 28, 2007 we let her go.

We still love and miss her and always will.