About Ziggy

BREED: Domestic short-hair

SEX: Male; neutered

FUR: Gray and Black Tabby

EYES: Gold

ADOPTION DATE: March 11, 2012

AGE: Probably around 9 months when I was adopted.

FAVORITE TOY: I don’t know yet, I’m still figuring everything out. I do like dangly things, but what cat doesn’t?


Hello, my name is Wiggy…wait, they changed it to Ziggy. Hope I get the hang of that soon.

I was owned by someone before but they had to move and couldn’t take me with them so I spent some time at the Kennebec Valley Humane Society where my new family found me. I’ve only been with them for one day so I can’t really pass judgement yet, but they seem nice so far. They like to hold and pet me and let me cuddle up right next to them when I want.

They’re keeping me in a big crate at night but I think it’s to help me get over my cold and keep me from giving it to that other cat – the mean one that keeps hissing and growling at me. I hope she and I can be friends someday.

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