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Feb 17 2008

They found her!

Bean has been found! There haven’t been any details yet, but she’s in her dad’s car right now. I can’t express how happy this makes us all feel. We’ve never met Bean or her family in person but this past week we’ve been on pins and needles, checking her blog every few hours hoping for …

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Feb 13 2008

Bean Makes the Papers

Bean has still not come home or been found, and her plight is hitting the airwaves and making the newspapers. If you’re in South North Carolina, please check out this blog and see if you’ve seen this pooch running around. I’m still not sure what city Bean’s family is in, but if you live in …

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Feb 12 2008

The New Place

Well, Mom finally got it all set up. She found a template she likes as far as organization. She still doesn’t like it’s blandness, though. So, she says she’ll be spiffing it up when she has a chance to create some custom graphics. Me, I don’t care. I just needs me a place to post …

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Feb 10 2008

Send out all your positive vibes

  We just heard some terrible news. Bean the Pit was stolen from her parent’s car today! She has been seen wandering around the same neighborhood dragging her leash so it looks like either she escaped the scum who took her or they let her go on their own. Please send out good vibes, pray, …

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May 19 2007

Catching up with HK

Hello to all my fans! Yes, I’ve been quiet. I’ve been too lazy to even try to blog and that dog hasn’t been much of a help to me lately. I think she’s jealous of all the food I’ve been getting to eat lately and well, because she isn’t a cat herself. Being a cat …

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Apr 13 2007

Time to help out a friend…

It’s help out or fellow dog day, here on the China Cabinet. A fellow blogger pal o’ mine is in need of knee surgery that’s gonna cost a whopping $1500 bucks – I think that’s 3000 in dog biscuits – which makes Hissy Kitty’s surgery sound cheap! Bean the Pit’s parents are having a rough …

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