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Mar 25 2007

Good Times, Sad Times…

Audrey the Princess here. (Some of you dogs may know me as ‘Hissy Kitty.’) Things are still rather unsettled in our house right now but that really isn’t bothering me too much. I still have a nice, warm bed – several of them, in fact – I have plenty of food and water and I’ve …

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Jan 27 2007

First post of 2007 – whoa, I’m a slacker

Hello everyone. Yes, I’ve been silent for a very long time and yes, I still haven’t posted pictures of HK’s pre-and post surgery belly. It’s been a very busy time for all of us here in my house. Like I said in my last post, Daddy has kidney cancer. He’s going to the hospital this …

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Dec 31 2006

Out with the old, in with the…better?

Me and Hissy Kitty have been rather quiet lately and for that, I want to say sorry. Things here at our house have been soooo busy. Mom’s new job is cutting into her blogging time and Daddy’s not been feeling well. In fact, now he’s sick like HK was, but it’s on his kidney. His …

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Nov 30 2006

What – you mean she’s not eternal?

Mom and Dad just came back from the vet with the Hissy Kitty. I was a bit upset that I didn’t get to go – I mean, other than Timmy, I don’t know any cat that likes to go for car rides. But, this wasn’t exactly a fun trip. HK has a lump on her …

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