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Oct 09 2005

Nasty, Nasty Ghoulies

Well, all the decorations are out. All that’s left are some bright gray lights. Mom says they’re orange, but they look gray to me. There are some really nasty looking candles around here. I have to turn my back on them when I sleep. If I don’t, I wake up, see the nasty face and …

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Oct 03 2005

I don’t like gourds

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted. I think the hissy kitty has forgotten about the blog. It’s hard to tell though. She’s so very rarely conscious. It’s that time again. Mom pulled out all this creepy stuff tonight. Skeletons. Vampires. Monsters. Icky, drippy candles. Witches. Spiders. And worst of all…. Gourds. I don’t …

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