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Aug 29 2007

I’m it!

Diva Kitty (aka Sophia) tagged me with a meme. I have to answer all these questions and the answers have to start with the first letter of my name. My name: China 1. Famous Singer: Crosby (der Bingle) 2. Four letter word: Ummm, Mom says I can’t put this word here because it’s just way …

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Aug 18 2007


Mom and Dad went to the animal shelter this afternoon. I didn’t go because – well – I’m still scared of those places. I was treated real good when I had to live in one, but I don’t ever want to go back. Mom says that when they first walked in, there was a cage …

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Jun 21 2007

Look what I got!!!

Hello my fellow puddins! (And hello to you dogs too.) For the past week Mom has been hinting that I might be getting something special in the mail. I just ignored her because…well…that’s what we cats do. But I also ignored her because I’ve never gotten anything in the mail in my life. That’s a …

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May 19 2007

Catching up with HK

Hello to all my fans! Yes, I’ve been quiet. I’ve been too lazy to even try to blog and that dog hasn’t been much of a help to me lately. I think she’s jealous of all the food I’ve been getting to eat lately and well, because she isn’t a cat herself. Being a cat …

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