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Aug 25 2008

What I did this summer

Mom says that teachers sometimes make kids write about what they did over the summer when they go back to school every year. I don’t go to school anymore – I graduated from obedience school a long time ago – but since I haven’t posted much this summer, I thought I’d do a recap of …

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Apr 30 2005

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It’s been pretty boring around here lately. All it ever does outside is rain! Mom can’t work on her garden and it’s just no fun getting wet. I’ve been spending lots of times indoors, which means more time with that hissy kitty, but here’s a nice picture of us that Mom took. It’s one of …

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Mar 10 2005

More Snow!

We’ve gotten a lot more of the cold, white stuff up here in the cold place. Mom says there’s more on the way too. Normally, I’d like that, but I’m starting to forget what the ground looks like. This is me after playing in the snow. I was digging for field mice and forgot to …

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