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Mar 22 2005

It’s been a while…

…since I’ve blogged. Sorry ’bout that! My transcriber (Mom) has been leaving everyday lately, leaving me here with Dad. I love my Daddy, but he’s no good at typing and won’t post to my blog for me. *whimper* Things are starting to thaw out around here and boy! Is it muddy! There’s still really deep …

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Jan 19 2005


So, Daddy brought this big contraption home from Grammy and Grampy’s the other day. He calls it a deehighdrate-er. I don’t know that that means, but I do know that last night he filled that thing with MEAT! Lots and lots of meat that he soaked in this smelly water that was dark grey. I …

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May 30 2004

Grammy & Grampy Visited!

What a nice weekend! Mom and Dad are going to be here for three whole days! I hate it when they leave for work, and from what they tell me, so do they. They must love me a lot, huh? Last weekend, Grammy and Grampy came to visit. They had a nice, moving couch that …

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