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Jun 29 2008

A new hero

I have a new hero. Mom’s been watching these tapes she has that she made a long time ago – before I was born even! They star this cool white Jack Russell Terrier named Wishbone and while he’s not as dashing as Thor or Duke, he makes up for it in spunk and imagination! And …

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Jan 26 2008

Spring – where are you?

It’s cold here. Cold cold cold cold cold. Even Mom’s tired of winter and that’s one of the reasons she wanted to move here.There’s been plenty of snow but because it’s so cold, I don’t want to play in it. I just want to go outside, do my duties, sniff around for the chipmunk that’s …

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Oct 15 2006

Dog Movie Alert!

Hello my poochy friends – and all friends of poochies. I don’t normally do movie reviews but I saw one last night that I just knew I had to make all my dog friends aware of. Mom and Dad watch horror movies every night in this month. Something to do with why those nasty gourds …

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Aug 20 2006

My New Hero, and Valuable Lessons for Our Humans

Mom has this card that she likes to look at from time to time and she thought I should share it with all my pooch friends so they could tell their ‘beans,’ as Timmy calls them. 8 Valuable Lessons I Learned From My Dog: 1: Have boundless energy and enthusiasm 2: Be Non-Judgmental 3: Live …

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