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Sep 13 2010

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Audrey and China

Mom’s been missing Hissy Kitty a lot lately so here’s one of the few pictures that has both of us. She normally didn’t like to be too close to me. And here’s Zoe with one of her mousy toys. She doesn’t like to share.

Jul 29 2008

Summer’s going too fast

I can’t believe July’s almost over already! Only a few more months of warm and then the cold times come back. Even Mom thinks the summer is going too fast. We’ve had some bad weather lately. A mini-twister blew by our house and half of one of the big Maples fell off! It landed on …

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Jun 28 2008

It’s been a year…

A year ago today we said goodbye to the Hissy Kitty. Mom and Dad still miss her a lot and so do I. She may have never liked me, but she never stuck her claws in my butt.

Aug 26 2007

It’s been a week and a day

Zoe’s been here a whole week now. Mom and Dad say she’s fitting in faster than they expected and she’s already acting like she owns the place. And since she’s a cat…I guess she does. She knows her name now and is starting to come when she’s called every once in a while. She’s still …

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Aug 20 2007

Too Quiet

This kitty is too quiet. You always knew where Hissy Kitty was.  If she was in the room, she would either be trying to get in Mom and Dad’s lap, or she would sit on the floor and ‘talk’ to them. (I don’t think they knew what she was saying or they wouldn’t have kept …

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Aug 17 2007

Decisions, Decisions

Mom and Dad asked me an important question tonight and I’m still pondering. They asked me if I wanted to adopt a new kitty. They’re still missing HK something terrible but feel ready to give a new kitty a good home. I’m of mixed feelings. I loved HK, sure, but…will the new kitty be nice …

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Jul 11 2007

We’re okay…

Hello everyone. I just wanted to drop in and let everyone know that we’re doing okay. We all still miss HK very much but it is getting easier every day. Mom and Dad still sometimes ‘see’ and ‘hear’ her around the house but not as much as when she first went away. The family does …

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Jun 28 2007


We knew it was coming, we just had hoped it would take longer to get here. Two days ago we noticed that one of Audrey’s tumors had begun to get infected. Yesterday she stopped eating (a very bad sign – eating was one of Audrey’s passions) and last night she started to become physically ill. …

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Sep 01 2005

Can you believe it?

Hello to all my pet blogger pals! I have an exciting announcement. There’s a new ‘team player’ on my blog! Audrey the Hissy Kitty is going to be posting here too! She told me that she hardly ever posts over on her blog – she’s too busy sleeping – and that it would just be …

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May 11 2005

Catching up with China

Howdy! It’s me, China, here to make a blog entry about…mmm..nothin’! It’s been so nice the past few days, that all I want to do is go outside and chew on sticks. For example: And then, I like to run around with my sticks. Sometimes, Daddy gets scared I’m going to hurt myself with the …

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