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Feb 28 2005

Rolling in the Greenies!

Good news! Mom finally found a job! She says that it doesn’t pay all that great, but it’ll be enough to get me some more greenies. I haven’t had any in over two weeks now! And, just in time for her first day at work tomorrow, we’re getting 8 – 10 inches of the white …

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Feb 15 2005

China Cabinet Update

Hey gang, Mom’s finally updated my site. A few more pictures for January have been added. She promises that the February pictures will be up on time (March 1st) but don’t hold your breath. I don’t mind though. She’s a little stressed out over not having a job. I don’t get it. I thought her …

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Feb 09 2005

Here it Comes!

The past few days have been nice and warm (relatively – in the 40’s). However, it’s made the snow melt, and I don’t like that. But, more snow is on it’s way! I can’t wait! Mom and Dad went out and bought groceries and got me and hissy kitty new bags of kibble so we’re …

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