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Mar 06 2007

A crazy few months

Yeah. It’s been forever since I blogged. Things have been very busy here and Mom hasn’t had much time to do anything, including helping me post. First, thanks to everyone who e-mailed or posted comments saying that they were thinking of us and Daddy as he went in for surgery. They took his kidney out …

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Sep 20 2006

I’m it!

Opy tagged me so it’s my turn to tell you why I’m a good Doggie friend. 1: I only bark whenever I think there’s something around that’s threatening my Mom and Dad. 2: I never bite the hissy kitty, even when she smacks my butt 3: I never run away (except for that one time, …

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Jun 20 2006

What is so exciting about THAT?

So, can anyone help me out here? I’m a confused dog. I just don’t get it. Why is it so exciting when green things poke out of the ground? I mean, we got TONS of green stuff growing around here. (Well, it’s all grey to me, but I can tell what they mean when they …

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Nov 24 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

For all us USA pooches, it’s Thanksgiving Day. This is my 2nd Thanksgiving with Mom and Dad and I think I have a lot to be thankful for. First, to the Tri-County Humane Society down in the hot place for taking me in when I had nowhere else to go. They took care of me …

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Sep 16 2005


So, get this all my puddin’ friends: Last night, when it was bedtime for the beans (which is my dinner time) Mom fed me, like usual, but not like usual, she skimped on about 10 kibble bits! She was thinking that she could get me to lose some of my lovely body if she cut …

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Sep 09 2005

Still my blog…

Hello! It’s me, China! See, that’s my picture over there. That way you can always tell who’s talking. This time it’s me. See, that’s my picture, so it’s me. Yeah, so it’s me. I had a talk with the Hissy Kitty. Well…Mom did. Hissy Kitty has agreed not to be so mean to the doggies …

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Mar 22 2005

It’s been a while…

…since I’ve blogged. Sorry ’bout that! My transcriber (Mom) has been leaving everyday lately, leaving me here with Dad. I love my Daddy, but he’s no good at typing and won’t post to my blog for me. *whimper* Things are starting to thaw out around here and boy! Is it muddy! There’s still really deep …

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Feb 28 2005

Rolling in the Greenies!

Good news! Mom finally found a job! She says that it doesn’t pay all that great, but it’ll be enough to get me some more greenies. I haven’t had any in over two weeks now! And, just in time for her first day at work tomorrow, we’re getting 8 – 10 inches of the white …

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Feb 15 2005

China Cabinet Update

Hey gang, Mom’s finally updated my site. A few more pictures for January have been added. She promises that the February pictures will be up on time (March 1st) but don’t hold your breath. I don’t mind though. She’s a little stressed out over not having a job. I don’t get it. I thought her …

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Feb 09 2005

Here it Comes!

The past few days have been nice and warm (relatively – in the 40’s). However, it’s made the snow melt, and I don’t like that. But, more snow is on it’s way! I can’t wait! Mom and Dad went out and bought groceries and got me and hissy kitty new bags of kibble so we’re …

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