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Jan 23 2005

What a jip!

Did I spell that right? Jip? Gip? Anyway, that big ‘Nor’easter’ storm blew through here today. And blew is right. We didn’t get hardly any of the snow that was promised. We were supposed to get 4 – 6 inches. We didn’t even get a half inch. All we got was the wind and that …

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Jan 19 2005


So, Daddy brought this big contraption home from Grammy and Grampy’s the other day. He calls it a deehighdrate-er. I don’t know that that means, but I do know that last night he filled that thing with MEAT! Lots and lots of meat that he soaked in this smelly water that was dark grey. I …

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Nov 24 2004


Mom and Dad say it’s ‘Thanksgiving’ again, so I thought I’d make a list of what this red-dog’s thankful for: The Tri-County Humane Society – for taking me and in helping me find the bestest parents! My parents – for taking me home and loving me and feeding me and making me feel like a …

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Nov 12 2004

Why Daddy is the Bestest Person in the World, and Why Mommy is the Most Annoyingest

So, my daddy likes to eat these nice, smelly treats. Sometimes, if I stare hard enough, he’ll give me what I want. Woo hoo! It worked! Boy, that was tasty Geez, Mom, do you mind? I’m trying to get all the treat taste from Dad’s fingers. I SAID, do you mind? See? My dad’s the …

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