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Feb 12 2008

The New Place

Well, Mom finally got it all set up. She found a template she likes as far as organization. She still doesn’t like it’s blandness, though. So, she says she’ll be spiffing it up when she has a chance to create some custom graphics. Me, I don’t care. I just needs me a place to post …

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Dec 03 2004

Goodbye Florida…Hello Maine

Mom and dad say that this has to be my last blog entry for a while. We won’t have internet access for another week and that might be dial-up. Ewwww! We’ll be leaving on Sunday morning. Still no sign of Rasta Man, but I’m sure (I hope!) that he can find us. Grandpa called and …

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Dec 01 2004

Will he find us?

I’m getting a little worried. I finally get what’s going on around here – all the packing, all the boxes, Mom and Dad acting like lunatics. At first, I thought I had done something wrong and they were going to leave me all alone. But now I know that it wasn’t me and I get …

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Nov 29 2004

I’m too sexy for my paws…

I got a new present last night – my first winter coat! So, of course, we had to have a modeling session. (This is when I don’t mind Mom taking my picture). First, a side view. Ignore the Wendy’s cup behind me. I would never eat there, even though their burgers are the tastiest, their …

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Jun 18 2004

The Dog Store, Pee & Rasta Man

What a week! I got to go to that cool place with all the toys and food and birds and toys and food and toys. I even peed on the floor! I guess Mom and Dad didn’t like that because then they took me to that place where they stick me with sharp things and …

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