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Apr 30 2005

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It’s been pretty boring around here lately. All it ever does outside is rain! Mom can’t work on her garden and it’s just no fun getting wet. I’ve been spending lots of times indoors, which means more time with that hissy kitty, but here’s a nice picture of us that Mom took. It’s one of …

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Apr 23 2005

There be monsters here!

This morning, when Mom took me out to do my duties (not my doodies, I do those in the afternoon), I looked around as usual. But then I stopped. There was a monster across the street…and it was taunting me. It had two heads and a big back and it just sat there, staring at …

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Apr 20 2005

Help! Spring doesn’t know the ’stay’ command!

The white stuff is finally gone, and for the past few days, it’s been soooooooooooooo nice outside. Daddy takes me out all the time and we play ‘keep the stick’ or ‘chase the stick’ or ‘chew the stick’…well, okay, I’m the only one who plays ‘chew the stick.’ But right now, it’s raining, and Mom …

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