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Sep 03 2010

Blast from the Past

Zoe's First Picture

Today, we will be featuring pictures from the far past…or at least three years. First, we have the first picture Mom ever took of Zoe. I think it’s fitting that the picture is fuzzy and Zoe just isn’t cooperating. That should have been their first clue, don’t you think? For my historical portrait, I chose …

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Dec 18 2004

I can eat it, but what’s the point?

Well, we’re finally moved. I found out what snow is – it’s ice that falls from the sky. I can eat it, but it doesn’t taste like anything, so really, what’s the point? I like playing in it. I don’t like it when water falls from the sky – it’s like taking a bath on …

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Dec 03 2004

Goodbye Florida…Hello Maine

Mom and dad say that this has to be my last blog entry for a while. We won’t have internet access for another week and that might be dial-up. Ewwww! We’ll be leaving on Sunday morning. Still no sign of Rasta Man, but I’m sure (I hope!) that he can find us. Grandpa called and …

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Dec 01 2004

Will he find us?

I’m getting a little worried. I finally get what’s going on around here – all the packing, all the boxes, Mom and Dad acting like lunatics. At first, I thought I had done something wrong and they were going to leave me all alone. But now I know that it wasn’t me and I get …

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Aug 10 2004

Rasta Man Says Goodbye

Rasta Man had to leave us again. Mom says that he had so much fun playing with me, but it’s time for him to leave now. As you can see, he fell all to pieces at the thought of leaving me. What? You think I did that to him? I certainly did not! Well…we did …

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Jun 18 2004

The Dog Store, Pee & Rasta Man

What a week! I got to go to that cool place with all the toys and food and birds and toys and food and toys. I even peed on the floor! I guess Mom and Dad didn’t like that because then they took me to that place where they stick me with sharp things and …

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