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Mar 25 2007

Good Times, Sad Times…

Audrey the Princess here. (Some of you dogs may know me as ‘Hissy Kitty.’) Things are still rather unsettled in our house right now but that really isn’t bothering me too much. I still have a nice, warm bed – several of them, in fact – I have plenty of food and water and I’ve …

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Nov 30 2006

What – you mean she’s not eternal?

Mom and Dad just came back from the vet with the Hissy Kitty. I was a bit upset that I didn’t get to go – I mean, other than Timmy, I don’t know any cat that likes to go for car rides. But, this wasn’t exactly a fun trip. HK has a lump on her …

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Aug 26 2006

Looky looky looky!

I got my first ever award! Timothy Dickens and his momma like my site so much they gave me a medal! You can see it over there on the left hand side of the page. Or is that right? I’m not that good with right and left – I am just a dog, you know! …

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Aug 20 2006

My New Hero, and Valuable Lessons for Our Humans

Mom has this card that she likes to look at from time to time and she thought I should share it with all my pooch friends so they could tell their ‘beans,’ as Timmy calls them. 8 Valuable Lessons I Learned From My Dog: 1: Have boundless energy and enthusiasm 2: Be Non-Judgmental 3: Live …

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Jan 07 2006

Genius Kitties…but aren’t we all?

Yes, it is I, Audrey the Hissy Kitty. We will now presume or regularly scheduled blogging. The holidays has made mom sluggish and unwilling to help us post our thoughts. I’d do it myself, but I don’t have thumbs. Mr. David Letterman finally started talking about important things recently. And what’s the most important thing …

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Sep 08 2005

Audrey’s first post

Hello all my adoring fans. If you’re here for a China post…scram! What? Oh, I have to be nice to the DOGS!? Oh, well, I suppose they can stay and bask in my beatiful presence. Miss Kitty, don’t worry, my plans are to dominate this blog. Just because it’s named after that dog doesn’t mean …

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