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Sep 13 2010

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Audrey and China

Mom’s been missing Hissy Kitty a lot lately so here’s one of the few pictures that has both of us. She normally didn’t like to be too close to me. And here’s Zoe with one of her mousy toys. She doesn’t like to share.

Apr 24 2010

The song is catchy but LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT BATH!

Apr 07 2010

Springtime for the Cat

Zoe and Friend

Hey there – it’s me, Zoe. Not much time to talk, I’m busy sitting in windows and playing with my mousie on a string. Aaaah, the life of a cat….

Jul 11 2007

We’re okay…

Hello everyone. I just wanted to drop in and let everyone know that we’re doing okay. We all still miss HK very much but it is getting easier every day. Mom and Dad still sometimes ‘see’ and ‘hear’ her around the house but not as much as when she first went away. The family does …

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Apr 03 2007

What we’ve been doing

HOWDY!!!Long time no see, huh? Yeah, we’ve been pretty quiet for a while. I can’t promise that’s going to change all that much, but I’ll do my poochy best to post more. Daddy’s feeling better – that nasty kidney is gone – but he’s had some back problems. That’s starting to get better now, too. …

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Aug 25 2006

But I want it!!!!

Dad was surfing on e-bay last night, proabably trying to find more Godzilla movies on laser disc or something (he never looks for anything interesting like stuffies or cheese biscuits). He didn’t find a Godzilla movie but he did find….DUKE!!!!! No, not the real Duke (and Mom says there isn’t a read Duke – I …

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Jan 13 2006

Always my blog…but I like ‘The Aud-Couple’

Howdy! It’s me, China. I just want to let you know (especially Cal) that this will always be my blog and it’ll always be called ‘The China Cabinet.’ Mom made up that name and she’s awful proud of it. That is…I don’t really have my own cabinet. It’d be nice ’cause I could store my …

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Jun 22 2005

Cabin Fever

A couple of weekends ago, I had the cabin fever real bad. My nose wasn’t warm, but I could feel it. It wouldn’t let me stand still, except to stare at Mom and Dad and let them know that I wanted to get out of this cabin! So, we went to the big bath again. …

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Apr 30 2005

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It’s been pretty boring around here lately. All it ever does outside is rain! Mom can’t work on her garden and it’s just no fun getting wet. I’ve been spending lots of times indoors, which means more time with that hissy kitty, but here’s a nice picture of us that Mom took. It’s one of …

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Jan 21 2005

Playing in the Snow

Mom and Dad took me out just to play ball today. I had a hard time seeing it, though, because it was a really light grey and was hard to see. I’ve lost my dark grey ball so this was all I had right now. Here I am, searching for the ball that Dad just …

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