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Nov 07 2005


Some of you pooches (and puddin’s) might remember that last year I was wanting me a sweater because this place can get cold. Well, it’s starting to get pretty cold, especially at night and I was wishing for me a sweater again. Well, someone was listenin’ cause I got me a sweater yesterday! Grammy gave …

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Mar 10 2005

More Snow!

We’ve gotten a lot more of the cold, white stuff up here in the cold place. Mom says there’s more on the way too. Normally, I’d like that, but I’m starting to forget what the ground looks like. This is me after playing in the snow. I was digging for field mice and forgot to …

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Feb 10 2005

Woo hoo!

This time the ‘blizzard’ didn’t pass us by! Yesterday I could see the ground – and it was all yucky and muddy. I didn’t like it much at all. But today, when we went outside, the ground was all white again! Yippee! This is what the backyard looked like yesterday… …and this is what the …

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Feb 09 2005

Here it Comes!

The past few days have been nice and warm (relatively – in the 40’s). However, it’s made the snow melt, and I don’t like that. But, more snow is on it’s way! I can’t wait! Mom and Dad went out and bought groceries and got me and hissy kitty new bags of kibble so we’re …

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Feb 04 2005

The Camp Road Hike

For the past two days Mom and Dad have taken me on a long walk on what they call the ‘camp road.’ It’s a road that goes through the woods behind our house. There are some houses back there, but way back in olden times there used to only be camps back there. So, it’s …

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Jan 23 2005

What a jip!

Did I spell that right? Jip? Gip? Anyway, that big ‘Nor’easter’ storm blew through here today. And blew is right. We didn’t get hardly any of the snow that was promised. We were supposed to get 4 – 6 inches. We didn’t even get a half inch. All we got was the wind and that …

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Jan 21 2005

Playing in the Snow

Mom and Dad took me out just to play ball today. I had a hard time seeing it, though, because it was a really light grey and was hard to see. I’ve lost my dark grey ball so this was all I had right now. Here I am, searching for the ball that Dad just …

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Jan 12 2005

A few minor changes…

I and Mom have made a few changes to the blog. (Mom has to help because I don’t know how to alter ten plates and fun colors…what? Oh, templates and font colors). I’ve added one of those Googly bars. I picked the light grey color. Mom says it’s mint, but it looks light grey to …

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Jan 10 2005

Some kids are A-Okay…

Before moving to the cold place, I wasn’t around kids very much. To be honest, this was fine with me. I’ve always been a little scared of kids. I’m never mean to them but when they would pet me I was always scared they would hurt me. Since moving here, I’ve been around these three …

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Dec 29 2004

Anyone want to donate a sweater to a nice, red dog?

I need a sweater! It’s freakin’ cold up here! I like the snow and all, but once I’m inside I want to be warm, warm, warm. Most of the time I can lie in front of the heat vent, but sometimes that hissy kitty sits right ON TOP of the heat vent and I can’t …

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